So I’ve been getting bombarded with questions about drop shipping since releasing my last weekly vlog on Monday. So today’s is about how to find dropshippers.

I know that it gets pretty overwhelming when you start doing something new. There are a lot of sources and opinions. And so I want to give you here a simplified step by step guide. This is basically the 101 of drop shipping from beginning to the end.

If you want to know more about each step, you can take a look around the blog. I wrote more in-depth articles about drop shipping.

So, let me explain how drop shipping works:

1) You go to a site like

2) You find a hot selling product in a passionate niche by sorting the products by “Order”. This will sort products by order quantity, so you can sure the best-selling products show up at the very top.

3) You check the reviews for the product and do some research on the supplier to make sure people are happy with the product.

4) You sign up with and create a niche store and then clone around 4-6 products from on your new site.

5) You increase the price so you have a profit margin.

6) You drive traffic using Facebook ads and break even and ideally make profit in the front-end of your product. Whenever someone buys, you have the money, so you head over to and buy the item in the name of your customer with their shipping info.

7) You build your email list and upsell your customer list additional products in the back-end, and create a sellable asset

That’s pretty much it.

Now you just need to take action. Implement.

You’ll be in the minority that actually puts their plains into practice.

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  1. […] After finding you’re supplier you always want to make sure that your drop shipping items from don’t include an invoice or receipt in the package, because you want the invoicing and receipt to be handled by you with your price rather than by the supplier. […]


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