A lot of people follow their intuition when it comes to advertising and marketing. However, most marketing and advertising is counter-intuitive. What you think will work, often doesn’t work at all.

Let me give you an example:

Most people think the way you scale up Facebook ads is by increasing the budget of your ad set to reach more people.

Makes sense, right?

You have an ad set that’s performing well and making sales. Now you want to double your sales, so you double the daily budget in the hopes of making more revenue and getting more customers.


This is one of the common mistakes people make with Facebook, because they assume Facebook performance follows a linear curve. Everyone assumes the results will increase in a linear fashion, when the daily spend is increased. This is the number one way to burn ad money.

The truth is that Facebook works as a bell curve. It means there is a steep slope where you get great results for a certain budget, then things flatten and after a certain point results decline.

That’s why ad sets with small budgets usually perform better than ad sets with large budgets. And that’s why even big companies constantly tell me “Our cost per sale massively increased when we scaled up the ad” or “We can’t keep those numbers when scaling”.

The truth is, you just don’t understand how to scale on Facebook.

The way you scale on Facebook is by creating multiple ad sets that all have small budgets of $1, $5, $10 or $20. You have to test where the “drop off” point of the bell curve is for every ad set.

Then you duplicate, replicate, multiply as many ad sets as you can and run them in parallel while each ad set is performing well.

Let’s say you want to scale up from spending $10 per day to $100.

That means you don’t increase the daily spend of your winning ad from ten bucks to a hundred bucks, because that will probably mess with your ads and kill the great results you’ve been getting.

What you do is you create 10 x ad sets at a budget of $10.

Or 100 ad sets at a budget of $1. Got it?

This is literally the number one mistake everyone is making using Facebook ads, even the big brands make it constantly.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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