When it comes to drop shipping success, selling a hot item to a hungry crowd is the number one factor to become successful.

I would stay away from selling general items.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make a ton of money with those items, but it takes more trial and error and luck to find a good audience on Facebook that you can target. You will you have to target much broader and it can be harder to find the right crowd.

When you find a niche that’s irrationally passionate, already buying like crazy and easy to reach with advertising, you win.

Those are the best customers. They don’t simply want your product. They need it.

And when you build a business around a passion niche it makes you life so much easier 🙂

Audience is more important than the item you’re selling.

Think of this scenario:

Having a water stand will be much easier in the Sahara desert than next to a waterfall, because people who walk by your stand in the desert are thirsty and would do anything for a glass of water.

That’s how you want to think of the items you sell using drop shipping – start with an irrationally passionate market. That’s the best way to start.

Do your market research. Your items don’t have to be in fashion right now. You don’t have to sell the latest snickers or shirts. Those are just the latest trend and will quickly disappear.

I would look for different items. That is the audience you want, because they have been passionate for a long time. It’s not just a fashion for them. Learn what gets them going? What do they really like? Understand them and you will know which items you need to sell.

Now get to work!

Hope it helps 😉

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Posted by Till Boadella

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