Using free plus shipping offers on your store can be a great way to make sales and acquire customers while still making a profit.

It’s the perfect “tripwire” offer and it pays for itself.

With free plus shipping offers you set the price of your product to “0” and then you only charge shipping and handling. When drop shipping from China, products are usually so cheap that you can easily add a little profit margin to your shipping and handling costs. This way, even if the product is free, you can make money and it works really well.

These types of offers usually convert very well since they are attractive and it’s a powerful frame because everyone loves free stuff. It only works for relatively cheap items, ideally under $4 in value.

I won’t get into detail of how to set up free plus shipping offers with Shopify since I’ve written other posts on this topic in the past.

Today I want to talk about the ratio and visibility of your offers.

Some people have been concerned in the past that customers will be able to see the free plus shipping offers on the store. Now, first of all you obviously want your customers to see your free plus shipping offers. There’s no point in making a great offer and then hiding it.

That being said, if you have too many free plus shipping offers on your store it can be a red flag since it looks fishy and you’ll also lose out on potential profits from customers buying expensive products.

So here’s how to avoid this:

1) Don’t have a store with only free plus shipping offers

Make sure you have a mix between free plus shipping offers and normally priced products. A store with only free plus shipping offers makes no sense strategically and also looks fishy to most people.

2) Keep a decent ratio between your offers

It’s okay to have multiple free plus shipping offers on your store, but you have to do it with some common sense. Make sure you one free plus shipping offer for every 3-10 products to keep a good ratio.

For example, if you have a general store with multiple niches you can have one free plus shipping offer for every niche or category. Use your own gut feeling to find the sweet spot ratio for your store.

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