So Martijn Van Amstel sent me a few question about drop shipping on Shopify.

His first question is about delivery information.

“Do you have anything on your Shopify store regarding delivery times?”

This is a great question and an opportunity to explain one of my early mistakes on my drop shipping business.

In the beginning I tried to hide the delivery time and shipping costs in my ads. And that got me a lot of annoyed customers. When they clicked the ad they had a different expectation than the one they found afterwards.

My advice?

Always be transparent.

There’s no point in hiding information. It will only make for unhappy customers. Always add the costs on your product page. Set the right expectations right away.

Martijn: “How do you handle returns?”

Well, I never had a return. I don’t really know, to be honest, but if that happens I will deal with it. Just make sure you add your business address for any customer that wants to return their product.

Martijn: “What about phone number and physical address? Do you need to make it available?”

You should and need to put this type of information on your Shopify store. You have to add this if you are a legitimate business. There are laws in every country that state what you need to add in your store, so make sure that you add everything.

Martijn: “What about customer support? What do you do?”

As your business grows, your customer support also has to grow. I would say that up to 300$ a day you can pretty much handle customer support yourself, it should take around 30 min a day. However, if your business continues to grow I would recommend hiring a virtual assistant.

Martijn: “Do I drive Facebook traffic straight to my Shopify store or to a landing page?”

You want to drive traffic directly to your product page. You want to minimize friction. Always.

Ideally you want to have your offer on the Facebook ad right away.

That’s it!

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