Some people become successful due to luck or coincidence. I’m not really interested in that type of success or “winning the lottery”.

What interests me is how to systematise success.

I believe there is a systematic, predictable and simple formula you can follow in order to engineer success in most areas of your life. This works like a charm and is responsible for 100% of my success.

So here’s the “formula” I’m talking about:

1) Take Massive Action

In order to become successful in any area of life you have to take massive action. You just have to step it up, quit the dabbling, ditch the excuses and take action like your entire life depends on it.

Your actions don’t have to be perfect by the way.

Think of it as massive imperfect action.

2) Fail

Most of the stuff you’ll do and try will probably not work. When you learn golf for the first time, most of your hits will be off. The same is true for anything you do in life and business. Learning a new skill involves a tremendous amount of failure and making mistakes.

However, failure isn’t something bad at all.

Failure is simply an inherent part of success because it gives us valuable feedback and shows us what doesn’t work for us.

If we know what doesn’t work, we can try something new.

3) Recommit

After every failure, or whenever something you try doesn’t work out, recommit to the journey. Use every little failure and setback as fuel to build fury and motivation. Every failure should pump you up and make you more dedicated, excited, hungry, motivated and driven.

The trick is to use the “negative” emotions to build fuel.

4) Adjust

One you know what doesn’t work, you can adjust your course of action and try something new. If you miss the ball in a game of golf, you can reposition yourself or adjust your swing by a few inches.

Becoming flexible requires a tremendous amount of flexibility.

As long as you keep trying and adjusting what you’re doing, you will eventually succeed. You can think of it as “success by deduction”. Every time you find something that doesn’t work, it brings you one step closer to the thing that does work. By systematically eliminating what doesn’t work, you eventually find what does work for you.

Now go out there and use this 4-step formula in any area of your life where you want to build a skill. It works like a charm in business and it’s responsible for 100% of my success in the business world.


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Posted by Till Boadella

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