Whenever you’re targeting non-english speaking countries, you have to streamline your entire store in the local language.

For example, if you target Italy, you store needs to be Italian.

I’m talking about everything.

Get a .it domain and translate your “brand name” into Italian. The same is true for Germany, Spain or any other country. If you speak the local language or have a friend who does, then translate everything into the language you’re targeting.

And I really mean everything: The Facebook ad needs to be in the local language, your Shopify store, your brand name, the domain, customer support, notification emails and so forth.

If you don’t speak the local language and don’t have a friend who does, you can hire someone on Upwork to do the job.

However, don’t try to target non-english speaking countries with an English speaking and general store. You might still get conversions but your conversion rate will suffer a lot and you’ll leave a lot of money on the table. You’ll spend more on ads and people won’t trust your store since it seems “foreign”.

First of all, many people won’t speak English and thus it’s a major obstacle because they don’t understand your site.

Secondly, people are more comfortable and used to buying stuff in their own language. You want to provide that comfort and that known environment to them with your own store.

As I said, everything needs to be streamlined.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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