When testing niches and products it’s important not to give up too early and at the same time not being stupid and wasting money.

Luckily, testing a Shopify product will cost maximum $75.

Here’s what you should do:

Pick one product and use the Audience Insights tool to research targeted pages and interests related to your product. Don’t target general interests, make sure these are actual niche pages.

Select 5 different niche pages that are targetable.

Then start running Facebook ads for $1 for every interest, resulting in a combined daily ad spend of $5. This is a very lean way of testing.

Leave your ads running for at least 5-7 days because sometimes Facebook takes some time to build momentum. It’s not uncommon that sales only start kicking in on day three, four or even five. If you haven’t made a sale after seven days, I recommend pausing the ads.

That means so far you’ve spent around $25-$35 on testing.

Research another five interests with the Facebook Audience Insights tool and repeat the above thing one more time for five to seven days.

Play around with 1-3 different Facebook ad objectives as well.

Most people get good results with PPE ads in the beginning, but others get a lower cost per click with Website Clicks objective or conversion ads. It’s definitively something worth experimenting with.

You can also run a test and target a different country, for example Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom to see how that goes.

The country can make a huge difference in ad results.

By now you should have spent around $50-$75 on testing. If you haven’t made any sales at this point, that might be a red flag. If you do have plenty of adds to carts and clicks and the general metrics look great, it might be worth spending some more money on ads.

However, if you have no adds to carts and a tremendously high cost per click, it means there’s no real interest or buying intent for your product even though you’ve tested different interests and objectives.

That means your product is probably not going to be profitable.

If that’s the case, I recommend testing a new niche. The great thing about drop shipping is that products and niches can be tested relatively lean. You might think, oh, $75 is a lot of money. Well guess what, this is the lowest and leanest it will ever get so quit the complaining. Twenty years ago this wasn’t even possible.

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