Inside of Facebook audience insights you’ll find a score called “affinity”. The affinity score indicates how likely your seed audience is to like a certain page compared to everyone else on Facebook.

It sounds super complicated but it’s actually very simple.

Enter your search information on the left hand side of the Facebook audience insights tool (I like to just use the country and interest field. Then you’ll be able to see a list of pages that your seed audience likes. And when you scroll down on the “Page Likes” tab, you’ll find a list of Facebook pages sorted by affinity Score.

The affinity score might be 1.5x or 2x or 41x.

So what does it mean?

If a page has a 2x affinity it means your seed audience is two times more likely to like this page than everyone else on Facebook.

If a page has a 40x affinity it means your seed audience is forty times more likely to like this page than everyone else on Facebook. Usually you’ll only find these high affinity scores when you dig deeper.

Basically the affinity score indicates how relevant a certain page on Facebook is for the particular seed audience you’ve selected.

So how and when is this helpful?

Let’s say you start with a seed audience of people living in the United States of America. You type “Android” into the interest field. That is your seed audience. Then you navigate to the “Page Likes” tab. There you’ll see a bunch of pages that people in your seed audience like.

Since we’ve chosen a very general interest (“Android”), we are getting very general pages about fashion, news, celebrities and brands.

None of these pages has anything to do with Android phones.

So now we can scroll down and look at the affinity score. There we can see that one page has a 3x affinity, whereas all other pages have less than 1.5x affinity. This way we can find out how big of an overlap there is between our seed audience and that particular page.

Since none of these pages are related to Android phones, the only indicator for the relevance of the page is the affinity score.

In that case it makes sense to target pages with a higher affinity score, since that shows us that the page we’re targeting has a high overlap with people who are interested in “Android”. And thus, it’s more likely that we’ll get good results from our advertising campaign.

Hope this helps. 😉

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