I recommend getting your own Shopify custom domain in order to increase trust and brand awareness on your e-commerce store.

When you sign up with Shopify you get a domain like this:


The problem is that people can see the Shopify brand in your domain, which means you give more brand visibility to Shopify rather than to your own store name. You can still build a successful store with Shopify’s native subdomain, it’s not a major success factor.

However, it only costs $10 or something per year to have your own custom domain, so I recommend getting one since it’s a small investment that can go a long way and improve your store.

You can register and buy custom domains straight from within Shopify, and they will set up everything for you automatically.

They’ll also give you an SSL certificate for free.

An SSL certificate encrypts your domain and allows you to accept credit card payments. It’s required for any online store that captures sensitive credit card information and other personal information.

It can be quite a pain in the ass to get your own SSL certificate, but with Shopify they automatically request one for you and add it.

Your custom domain activation should take 24-48 hours.

And after that you have your own domain like this:


I personally always get myself a custom domain when I start a new online store or launch a new business. It’s one of the first things I do. And when I select a brand name, I always make sure the .com domain name is free so I can align everything correctly.

At the end of the day it’s up to you if you want to get a Shopify custom domain. As I said, it’s not a must to have a successful store. However, I personally believe the $10 are a good investment and a no-brainer.

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