One of my followers recently asked me if it’s worth investing in Salehoo right from the beginning instead of using Aliexpress.

So here are my thoughts:

If you can’t make it work with Aliexpress you won’t make it with Salehoo. Don’t expect Salehoo to solve any of your problems and never expect spending money to be a substitute for hard work.

The most difficult part of drop shipping is marketing and advertising.

Regardless if you use Aliexpress or Salehoo you’ll have to master these two aspects of your business in order to get the ball rolling.

Everything else is more or less trivial.

Of course you need to focus on customer support, look for trustworthy suppliers and find the best shipping options. But even with shitty customer support and bad shipping options you can pull off a six-figure drop shipping business. Now I’m not saying you should create such a poor customer experience, but don’t focus on the wrong thing.

Having access to a wholesale supplier directory won’t solve the core issues that will either make or break your drop shipping business.

That’s why my advice is to start with Aliexpress to learn the ropes of drop shipping. And once you’ve built a profitable Aliexpress drop shipping business, move on to Salehoo if you think it’s worth it.

Instead of investing money in something like Salehoo, use the cash to bootstrap your Aliexpress drop shipping business and spend it on things like Facebook ads, Shopify and influencer shoutouts. Those are much better investments when you’re starting from scratch.

I really, truly believe that if you can’t make it work with Aliexpress you won’t be able to make it work with Salehoo either. So why invest that extra money into something that you don’t absolutely need?

You want to bootstrap your business as lean as possible. And the way I see it you should only spend money on marketing, ads and Shopify.

Heck, get yourself the longest Shopify trial you can.

And then just spend any remaining money you have on Facebook ads and shoutouts. Or even better, learn how to get shoutouts for free and don’t spend any money at all. Bootstrap as lean as possible. Once you’ve proven to yourself that you can get sales and build a profitable business, start investing in other things like Salehoo.

However, it’s possible that once you have a profitable Aliexpress drop shipping business you don’t even want to use Salehoo anymore.

Just my two cents on the whole topic.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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