In today’s post I want to share three different ways to get clients for your marketing service business or any other service business.

These work really well and they are completely free.

You don’t actually have to spend any money on paid advertising on Facebook or AdWords to get clients. With a bit of creativity and hustle it’s actually extremely easy to get clients for a service business.

1) Networking

A great way to get clients for a marketing service business is by leveraging your own network and by networking in general. Everyone knows people who run businesses, including your friends and family.

Reach out to your network and try to get introductions.

Even if you just get one or two clients from your own network, this will kick-start your service business and give you some testimonials and case studies that you can use to get more clients down the road. Sometimes you don’t have to look far to find clients: Some of your best clients might be right around you, in your close proximity.

2) Social Selling

Start being active in relevant business groups on Facebook and LinkedIn where your potential clients are hanging out. There’s a ton of business groups on Facebook, where you’ll find thousands of perfect clients to network with and pitch your services down the road.

Participate in these groups and start sending friend requests to people, ideally 5-10 per day. Chat with them via private message in a laid-back and non-salesy way. Focus on making online friends rather than getting clients. Turning “friends” into clients later on is easy.

Once you know each other and you’ve established some rapport, and once you understand the business of the other person, pitch your service, tell them they’re a dream client and make a good offer.

3) Outbound sales

Another great way to get clients for a marketing service business is through outbound marketing. This is where you cold call businesses or cold email them and try to set up an appointment with them.

Personally, I don’t like cold calling since it’s low-leverage.

I’ve done quite some cold emailing or cold calling 2.0 (as some people call it) where I compiled or bought lists of business owners and then crafted a short cold email and sent it out to everyone. This can be a very effective way to get clients, especially big clients or larger corporations with a remarkable advertising budget.

The bottom line is that I’ve used all these three methods to get plenty of prospects and clients and they work really well. Getting clients for a service business is very low-cost since you don’t need advertising.

If you’re willing to put in the time and energy to network, do some social selling and outbound marketing, you’ll get clients fast.

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