I like to put the shipping and delivery time right at the top of my product description, because it increases conversions and reduces my abandon cart rate. Transparency builds trust, so use it 🙂

At first I tried to hide the fact that I had long delivery times, in the hopes that people would order with as little information as possible.

But my conversions suffered a lot by doing that.

I got a ton of comments under my ads from people asking about the shipping time. I got a ton of people complaining about the shipping rates that I was charging for my free plus shipping offers.

As soon as I changed my strategy and transparently declared the shipping time and the shipping rates, my sales massive increased.

I also get a lot less complaints about the shipping costs.

When you try to keep important things like the shipping time and the shipping rate under wraps, it backfires because people can feel the insincerity. It’s much better to be proactive and address the big elephant in the room for them, so it’s out of the way early on.

Here’s what I like to write at the top of my description:

“Shipping Time Is 12-20 Days

The item ships out within 3 work days”

So before I even get into the benefits of the product, I reveal the shipping time right at the top of my product description. This also gives me an advantage when I have to do customer support.

People who complain about the long shipping times can easily be made aware of the fact that the shipping time was prominently displayed during checkout. This gives you more leverage to win arguments and disputes when people complain that the item hasn’t arrived yet. So being transparent can help you in many ways.

Give it a try on your own store and see what happens.

You might be surprised that more people will buy your product, even though it seems like you’re making yourself more “vulnerable” by displaying the shipping information and rates so prominently.

But as I always stress: Marketing is counter-intuitive. Sometimes what you think doesn’t work will get you much better results.

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