Some of my YouTube subscribers are very young and asking me for business advice, so here is my advice on starting a business for kids or teenagers.

Invest sweat equity early on in life to get ahead.

Learn to develop traits like willpower, productivity, self-discipline, problem solving, creative thinking, planning, execution while you’re still a teenager so you can get ahead of the game early on.

My advice is not to invest money into a business: Don’t run Facebook ads or spend money on other ad networks in this stage yet.

Build an organic stream of traffic and sales first.

Publish consistent content, build an audience and learn how to sell to that audience. Once you start making your first dollars organically, invest a small portion into ads and learn the advertising game.

But don’t skip ahead and make the same mistake most people make by blowing money (or your parents money) trying to get a quick return. I remember blowing some of my mom’s money on Google AdWords when I was 19, trying to build a classified ad business.

I didn’t understand the advertising game back then, so there was no way I could turn advertising dollars into profit at that young age.

Took me half a decade to recover from some of the mistakes I made and learn the lessons needed to build a real and sustainable business. So don’t make the same mistake that I made.

Be patient.

1) Learn how to work with the basics: lead organic traffic, publish consistently and how to sell.

2) Learn advertising game and use it.

Because a lot of time people know the advertising game, but then can’t sell. Others know how to sell, but can’t advertise effectively.

Ads will only work if you have the basics down. They can’t replace well-crafted content, a long time audience or a killer sales letter.

Now is the time to invest sweat equity.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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