If you get a marketing client and his or her website is really bad, or your client has rigid and specific beliefs about advertising and marketing that are wrong, don’t go against your client at first.

Most people are miseducated and have false beliefs and a ton of assumptions about what marketing or advertising should look like.

A lot of that stuff is ineffective and simply doesn’t work well.

Among these things are:

– Sending Facebook traffic to a generic homepage
– Thinking that short sales copy works better than long copy
– Targeting a bunch of countries or interests in one go
– Never sending emails to your existing customers
– And a gazillion more conversion-crushing assumptions

Instead of educating your client and making him or her “wrong”, let those assumptions be there and accept the project as it is.

Say yes to the project and take the payment.

Of course, it’s going to be easy for you to run ads and do marketing the way your client wants it to be done. However, that’s not going to be very effective but you can tell that your client at a later point.

It’s better to first go with your client rather than against him.

Later on, you can start being a bit more “aggressive” and setting your own rhythm. I recommend you get a shared ClickFunnels account for all your marketing clients, so you can easily build landing pages and campaigns for your clients without them needing their own account.

This way you can tell your client:

“Let’s do it the way you imagine it and see how it goes. We can always adjust things if we see it doesn’t get the results we want.”

Once your client sees that the results aren’t thrilling you can simply start making suggestions for adjustments, you can start building landing pages in ClickFunnels for them (without your client needing an account because you can use your shared one). Now you can let the numbers do the speaking, instead of relying on assumptions.

As soon as your client sees the numbers black on white, and can compare the results, it will be easy to convince him to change stuff.

By this point your client will probably give you free reign anyway.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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