If you have an idea for a niche or a product, there are a few hacks and trick that might help you test the waters in a lean way.

I mean, the Shopify basic plan is only $29.

So if you’re worried about losing thirty bucks, maybe being an entrepreneur is not the right thing for you. It’s like wanting to be a boxer and being scared of getting punched in the face.

That being said, there are a few Shopify hacks that allow you to test your product idea and your niche without spending any money.

Here’s the first hack:

1) Hack Shopify’s Free 14-Trial

When you sign up for Shopify, you get a 14-day free trial. If you’re smart and fast enough, you can set up your store within 24 hours and use the remaining thirteen days to run and test Facebook ads.

All you have to do is add your credit card to unlock your store. But you will only be charged once the 14-day trial period is over.

That means you can use Shopify fully functional for two weeks.

And you won’t be paying anything.

If you see that your product idea or niche, don’t work out, you could simply cancel your Shopify account and sign up for a new trial later on. That means you’ll get another two weeks of testing for free.

I wouldn’t use this hack too many times as I’m sure Shopify doesn’t appreciate it. Do it one or two times maximum, if at all.

2) Use GoSpaces.com For Lean Testing

If you want to avoid the $29 monthly fee for Shopify and still test your niche and product, you can also sign up for GoSpaces.com.

It’s a one-page sales page and checkout cart solution.

They have a free plan and a paid plan that’s super cheap.

You can create an account with them, start running Facebook ads and see if you make any sales. Obviously, you won’t get all the benefits and perks of having a full Shopify store in place.

But if you want to test super lean, give it a shot.

As I said earlier on, personally, I wouldn’t even worry about these things too much. If you’re gonna be an entrepreneur and you’re scared of losing $29, then probably this “world” isn’t for you.

You have to take risks, make mistakes and invest in things. There’s no way you’re going to become successful sitting around scared.

Just take a leap of faith and jump into it 🙂

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