There are plenty of great markets to start a drop shipping business in and there are upsides and downsides to every market. In this post I’ll talk about some of the best and the worst markets for drop shipping.

Let’s start with the best markets:

United States

The United States of America are still a huge market and I have plenty of students and friends crushing it in the United States.

The only downside is that ad costs are high, consumers are a bit numb and “burned out” from seeing the same claims and offers and people are generally less responsive than in less saturated countries.

However, if you hit gold in the United States and have a great product and target the right audience, there’s a lot more potential to scale up.

Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Other great English-speaking markets are Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I’ve personally ran many ads in Canada and Australia in all sorts of industries. Australia has pretty cheap advertising costs compared to the US, and Canada is also cheaper than the US.

Also, a lot less people are targeting these countries with their drop shipping stores so the market and products are less saturated.

United Kingdom

The UK is a great market and I have lots of students and subscribers crushing it there. First of all, the ad costs are significantly lower than in the USA. But at the same time it’s a huge market and not that many people are targeting the UK with their stores, which is a big benefit.

Also there’s ePacket available for the UK for many products.


One of my favorite markets is Europe. Simply because it’s so easy to get results with drop shipping. If you target a rich European country you can be sure that you have very few competitors. Also ad costs in Europe are literally dirt-cheap, I’m talking about <$0.10 per click.

Germany is the forth largest economy in the world, but there’s also huge potential in Spain, France, Italy and other European countries.

Some places I would personally stay away from are the Asian market, South America, Russia, most of Eastern Europe. In general, you want to target countries where people have enough purchasing power. If you stick to the markets I listed earlier on, you’ll be fine, trust me 🙂

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Posted by Till Boadella

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  1. Hi Till,

    Great post. I am interested in going after markets in Europe. But one big disadvantage would be that Aliexpress dont offer the quicker epacket delivery option like the have for US shipping. i.e. would the delivery times from Aliexpress to for example Germany be horrific (+30 days and customers cancelling orders)?

    Or do you use a fullfillment center in Europe (similar to once you see a proof of a product that is selling well?

    Perhaps the lower competition in Europe will be more valuble than the lower conversion due to the long delivery times from China to Europe (without ePacket)

    Whats your thoughts on this?

    Have a great day!



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