Recently one of my YouTube subscribers said he believes people go to Google to buy things rather than buying stuff on Facebook.

That’s true.

Since Google is a search engine, people search for products and keywords and have a buying intent. They plan on buying things and they use search engines to research and find the item they want.

Facebook on the other hand is a social network.

People go to Facebook to stay up to date with what their friends are doing and what’s going on in the world. So although most people don’t have a buying intent, their attention is on Facebook.

The reason why Facebook ads work is because of attention. People spend a a lot of their time watching their Facebook newsfeed.

This “formula” explains how sales on Facebook work:

Attention + A Relevant Great Offer = Sales

While Google AdWords is a search engine and you can show people ads based on their search phrases, Facebook works with interruption advertising. You interrupt what someone is doing on Facebook (which most of the time is just scrolling though their feed and being bored) and then bringing their attention to a great offer that is relevant.

If the offer is relevant enough, people click on the link to learn more and then buy the product. So the advertising and purchasing flow looks different on AdWords and Facebook, but people buy a ton of things from both platforms every day. That’s simply a fact.

The reason why Facebook ads are so effective right now is because the attention on Facebook is still underpriced. So to get attention on Google costs more than getting someone’s attention on Facebook.

That means your advertising costs are lower and your profits higher.

You can advertise on Google and on Facebook. The reason why I like Facebook so much is because it’s simply cheaper than Google.

So at the end of my day I get more bank for my buck.

On a final note – Make sure you lave all assumptions out of marketing and business, since the only thing that matters is the actual data.

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