Whenever you run a promoted post or a dark post ad on Facebook, you should use clickable image posts instead of regular images.

What do I mean?

There’s many different ways one can run Facebook ads.

First of all, there’s a ton of ad objectives to choose from. But then there’s also lots of different ad formats. Even though this flexibility is great, it also creates more room for possible mistakes and failure.

A promoted post is a post that you publish directly on your Facebook page wall, and then promote the post. The post will be visible to anyone who looks at your business page newsfeed. There’s benefits and downsides to this visibility, but that’s not what this post is about.

A dark post is a promoted post that isn’t visible on your Facebook page. It’s an unpublished post that you create in the ad manager or power editor by selecting “Choose an Existing Post” in the settings.

And then Facebook lets you create an unpublished post that you can promote. It won’t be visible on your Facebook business page wall.

It’ll only show up to the people you choose in the targeting.

Now, when setting up a promoted post or a dark post, a lot of people just upload an image, add some text above and a link to the product.

That works for some people, but in most cases it’s not ideal because when someone clicks on a regular image, it opens a popup window on Facebook with an enlarged version of the same post image.

People might think it takes them to your product page or website when they click on the image, but instead they stay on Facebook.

This might cause you to lose valuable clicks on Facebook.

Instead of using regular images, copy the link of your landing page into the Facebook post text field and wait for Facebook to pull all the meta information such as the image, title and the post description.

Then you can edit the title and description, and you can even upload a different image to your post. However, unlike a regular image post, the image in this post will be clickable and take people directly to your landing page. So when someone clicks on the image in your ad, they don’t stay on Facebook, but instead are taken to your product page.

This is great because your cost per click will decrease and you’ll get more visitors for the same daily ad budget. And after all, the purpose of your ad is to get visitors to your product pages and make sales.

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