A lot of people don’t pay enough attention to the objective of their ads. They select “Offer Claims” or “Website Clicks” or “Optimize for Conversions” without really knowing what they’re doing. This is the perfect recipe to fail.

Here’s what I recommend you do to optimize:

1) Start with the “Boost Post” or “Page Post Engagement” objective. They’re the same thing, just have a different name in Facebook.

When I run a new ad, I want to get as much social proof as I can. That’s my first objective.

Also I’m trying to get the post to spread virally, I want people to like, to comment, to share, to tag friends and to click on the post. The more social proof I get, the more sales I make in general. So that’s why I always choose the “Page Post Engagement” objective first. I want people to engage with the post.

Some people start by optimizing for conversions right away, but that makes absolutely no sense because your Facebook pixel doesn’t have enough data, so Facebook can’t really optimize anything. This isn’t the way to get the lowest CPC.

What you want to do is run PPE ads until you get at least 2,000 add to carts and 200 purchases registered in your Facebook pixel.

See – Now Facebook has something to work with.

Once you have the data in your pixel, run a new batch of ads with the “Optimize for Conversions” objective. You can also start working with lookalike audiences at this point, which is also a powerful trick.

Run your ad and then optimize. Don’t do it the other way around. It won’t work. Facebook isn’t capable of optimizing without sufficient data. Only when they have enough data can your CPC lower.

I hope this saves you some trouble.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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