There’s a lot of confusion about sales and marketing. And along with it, there’s a lot of discussion about what matters more.

Obviously a business without sales can’t exist.

Sales is the oxygen of any business. However, selling to cold prospects is ineffective, time-consuming, expensive and hard. Anyone who’s done cold emailing or cold calling knows this.

The number one question in all consumers minds is:

“Who can I trust?”

When you cold call a business or send out mass cold emails, your conversion rate is going to be super low. Once you have a warmed up lead, you still have to invest a lot of energy and time in persuasion, building rapport and overcoming objections they might have.

That’s where marketing comes into play. My favourite definition of marketing comes from Joe Polish: “Marketing is selling in advance.”

Or to be a bit more detailed:

The purpose of marketing is to get people pre-interested, pre-motivated, pre-positioned and pre-disposed to do business with you.

When you have good marketing in place, selling becomes easy. In fact, selling can become so easy that potential customers reach out to you and ask, and sometimes even beg, to do business with you.

Marketing completely flips the script.

As an outbound salesman you are chasing the deal. You are doing all the persuasion, you are overcoming objections, you are using tactics and you are asking for the money. However, if you have good marketing, then your prospect is already sold in advance.

Your prospects will reach out to you and ask where they should send the money, without you even having to ask for it or mention it.

Good marketing makes sales an easy job. There’s no persuasion needed, no pressure, no overcoming objections. It’s sometimes as simple as telling them how and where to send the money.

Good marketing can even eliminate the need for a phone call.

I’ve had clients pay me $12,000 a year and I’ve never met with them face-to-face or even had a phone call. Just because of marketing.

I get inquiries every week and every month from prospects who reach out to me and want to become coaching clients, buy my courses or have me run Facebook ads or build marketing campaigns for them. There is no selling or persuasion or pressure required at all.

Business and sales is a piece of cake with good marketing.

That’s why I believe marketing is the ultimate leverage. Marketing turns the sale into an effortless process, sometimes completely flipping the script to the point where prospects are begging.

So ask yourself, what is more powerful:

Sales or marketing?

They’re both super important. But marketing is selling at scale, without having to invest time and energy into the individual sale.

Marketing is the good father of salesmanship if you will 🙂

Never underestimate the importance of marketing.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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