I don’t think monetizing your website with ads is the best way to make money, I think selling your own products is way more profitable. You can make money with AdSense , but it’s much more rewarding in the long run to sell your product, while building your brand and your email list.

That being said, you still can monetize with ads.

I know many successful entrepreneurs selling their own products and making six-figures with their website, and they still monetize their website with advertisements to make some passive income.

However, in order for it to pay off, you need a high volume site.

Getting 10-100 visits a day won’t get you far. But if you have a website that’s getting a few thousand visits a day, things get interesting. So let’s talk about how you can go about this.

There’s a tool called Google AdSense which allows you to embed a code on your website and show up advertisements on your site.

And every time someone clicks on an ad, you get a few cents.

That’s why it’s only a viable monetization method if you’re site is getting a ton of traffic. In order to make advertising a profitable income source, you need volume. You could either go bonkers and SEO your site like crazy, or you could focus on viral marketing,. Whatever gets a lot of traffic with little time, effort and money.

But I wouldn’t focus just on that. As I mentioned, I would use ads as a secondary method of monetization. That means you should focus on building a site with high-quality, unique and interesting content.

Focus on selling your own products or affiliate products.

And as your organic traffic increases, you can sign up for Google AdSense and add some relevant ads in the sidebar of your site.

Or you can embed them within your content.

However, here’s a word of warning:

Getting approved with Google AdSense is harder than getting approved with AdWords. Obviously, Google is giving you money so they want to make sure you’re a legit business partner for them.

Make sure you read Google’s support docs on AdSense.

Especially this one here:


Before you submit your AdSense application, you should make sure that you meet all of Google’s guidelines. It usually takes one week for your AdSense application to get reviewed, so doing your homework and making sure everything is okay before you submit, will pay off.

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