If you’re having troubles taking action and are over-analyzing every step along the way, you might be dealing with analysis paralysis.

It’s probably the most common newbie issue.

Everyone’s waiting for the perfect plan, trying to predict every little step in advance, skimming forums and binge watching YouTube channels in the hope of finding the missing piece of information.

Well guess what, there is no missing piece of information.

You’re playing the wrong game all together.

What you have to do is snap out of your overactive loop of worries, negative thoughts and concerns and start taking massive action.

When you’re stuck in too much mental energy, you’re not in motion.

Taking action comes from your heart, from your gut, not from your mind. It’s almost like you have to shift gears. The key is to transition from your excessive mental activity to real-world, “elbows in the mud” type hustle. You can’t analyse your way to financial freedom.

Here’s two ways to snap out of analysis paralysis:

1) Increase your speed of implementation

Whenever you have an idea or a though, implement it right away. Don’t ponder and analyse the option for days or weeks before you do something about it. The moment you have an idea, you should start taking action. Minimize the time between idea and execution.

Make it a rule for yourself that whenever you have an idea to try something (like a marketing tactic or advertising strategy or business model), you take the first step within minutes or even seconds.

If you have the idea of starting a Shopify store, don’t skim forums and YouTube videos. Just immediately start building your first store.

It doesn’t matter if it’s crappy or doesn’t work out right away. It’s all about taking massive imperfect action and building momentum, so you’re in motion and doing something rather than analyzing shit.

2) Minimize the time between taking action

Another great way to keep up the momentum once you’ve built it is to minimize the time between the actions you take. If you try something and it doesn’t work out, don’t pause and ponder about it for too long.

Instead, jump right into the next idea or thing you want to try.

If you build some momentum and then take a break and analyse after every setback, you’ll have to start from scratch every single time.

Stay in motion by minimizing the time between your actions, this is how your momentum keeps building like a snowball. Stop putting on the breaks and instead ride the wave even if it’s scary at times. As long as you keep trying stuff, you’ll eventually get the results you want. But it doesn’t work if you ponder about every step you take.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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