So here’s my advice for anyone who’s trying to build a drop shipping business on the side while still working in a full-time job.

Don’t quit your job unless:

1) You are making at least double the amount of money or more than you’re making in your job for a period of at least twelve months.

2) You have at least two solid streams of income apart from your job.

In the business world “one” is the most dangerous number. Even if you have a successful drop shipping business that makes you a lot of money, quitting your job is risky since you’ll just have one income stream. If your drop shipping business goes down, you’re done.

Always plan for the worst case scenario and have a backup plan in place. What are you going to do if Facebook bans your account? What are you going to do if drop shipping stops working?

Build at least 2-3 income streams before you quit your job.

Your job is likely the only income producing “asset” you currently have in your life. And although you might hate that 9-to-5 job, it’s still putting food on your table and paying for your bills. So don’t forget to appreciate cash flow, no matter how much you hate the job itself.

That being said, I recommend keeping your job and working on your drop shipping business and other business opportunities on the side.

Set a certain amount of time a part every day to work on your biz.

That could be one hour in the morning or in the evening, and of course the weekends. It’s all about putting the right habits and rituals in place and having the self-discipline to work in your free time.

The good thing is that you can start building these multiple income streams and save up some money. Having 6-12 months worth of money saved up for a rainy day will also help you quit your job later on down the road. But don’t make a stupid impulse decision.

Even if your drop shipping business skyrockets, keep your job. Take the additional money from the job and automate as much as you can. Then start working on a third income stream to make more money.

Only once you have multiple solid income streams, quit your job.

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