Split testing can be incredibly useful especially if you’re getting a large quantity of traffic and want to increase your overall conversion rate.

I don’t always split test every funnel that I build.

Here’s when I do split test:

– Product launches with a high volume of traffic
– Evergreen funnels with consistent sales
– E-commerce product page elements

I use ClickFunnels for most of my split tests since it has built in a/b split testing functionality. Whenever I build an opt-in page or a checkout page, I can easily create a variation with one click.

Once the split test is set up, ClickFunnels will evenly distribute around 50% of the traffic to the control and the other 50% to the variation.

ClickFunnels also directly tracks the opt-in rate or conversion rate.

This makes it very easy to see if the control or variation converts better and once you’ve got sufficient traffic, you can pick the winner. Once the winner is selected, the other page will be deleted.

Sometimes I also want to split-test entire funnels.

In that case I create a manual split test and duplicate the entire funnel. Then I segment the traffic to make sure I can measure the results. So all my Facebook ad traffic will go to funnel A and all my organic traffic might go to funnel B. This way I can see how well each converts, because everything is separated and there’s a clean cut.

If you want to split test a product price for an e-commerce product you can use a Shopify app called “A/B Split Test”. Or you can use ClickFunnels to create a more sophisticated product page split test.

Then you can also do a “false” split-test, where you don’t actually run an a/b test but you just leave a page variation up for one month and then change one element and leave that up for another month. If you keep running the same Facebook ad, you can then see if there’s an increase or drop of conversions during month one and month two.

This type of test is less accurate since there might be other factors impacting your conversions linked to the season and the time.

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