Retargeting is probably the most effective advertising method right now, and if you combine it with the most effective advertising platform available right now (hint: Facebook), you can get incredible results.

I mainly use retargeting for product launches and stores where I get a lot of traffic and abandoning visitors in a short amount of time.

To clarify, I’ve never used retargeting for my drop shipping stores.

The reason why is because to create a really effective retargeting campaign I like to do a few things that “traditional” e-commerce stores can’t do. And I like to build my retargeting campaigns in ClickFunnels to make them more effective. Plus with my drop ship stores I never felt a need to retarget since the front-end conversion is so high.

That being said, here’s how to retarget on Facebook:

1) Go to Audiences in the Ads Manager

Navigate to the menu called “Audiences” in the ads manager and then create a new custom audience. Choose “Website Traffic” as the audience source and then select “People visiting specific web pages but not others”. That’s where all the retargeting fun really starts.

Now you can create a custom audience by including and excluding pages, which is exactly how effective retargeting works on Facebook.

All you have to do is include your product pages in the “Include” field.

And add your “thank you” or “order confirmation” page to the exclude field. If you’re using Shopify, you can include the keyword “thank_you” as that is in the URL of the order confirmation page on Shopify.

If you use any other marketing tool or landing page builder, just include the keyword or exact link in your order confirmation URL.

Now your custom audience is ready.

People who visit your product pages and sales pages but don’t see the order confirmation page, are essentially people who visited your website but didn’t buy. Makes sense right? Well guess what, now you can create specific ads and select your custom audience as targeting.

The purpose of retargeting is not merely to send people back to your sals page, it’s to increase the buying intent by adding additional incentives, like a free bonus or a discount or something else.

The initial offer you made didn’t work to push them over the buying threshold, so obviously your retargeting ad needs more incentive.

That, in a nutshell, is how you retarget using Facebook ads.

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