There are two different ways you can run Facebook ads. You can create an ad account and link it to your personal profile or you can sign up for the Facebook business manager and run ads there.

The Facebook business manager is an advanced version of the ad manager that gives you a lot more options and more flexibility.

You can sign up for the Facebook business manager here:

Setting up an account is totally free. And you can add as much as two ad accounts to your Facebook business manager. If you contact Facebook and speak to a marketing expert you can also ask them to unlock additional ad accounts. A Facebook employee once told me you can have up to 50 ad accounts linked to your business manager.

Personally, I really like the Facebook business manager because it allows different people to collaborate and share the same account.

This is especially helpful when I run ads on behalf of clients.

For you the business manager might be interesting in order to create backup accounts in case Facebook flags one of your ad accounts.

By signing up for the Facebook business manager and also creating an ad account on your personal profile, you can create a total of three separate ad accounts. That’s a really good thing, because even if one of your ad accounts gets closed, you still have two backups left.

You’ll still have to use a different payment method and you can’t promote anything you’ve promoted on any flagged ad account.

But usually once you’re banned, you can’t create new accounts so easily. Setting up three different ad accounts before you start running ads makes it easier to bounce back from a flagged ad account.

I suggest signing up and playing around with the Facebook business manager and getting a feeling for it. As I said, it doesn’t cost anything and it’s like a premium version of your ad manager. So in my opinion it’s a no-brainer and there’s no reason not to use it for your business.

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