I recently got a question from one of my subscribers who asked about the difference between an audience and an interest within Facebook.

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to Facebook ad terminology, since there are so many different terms, labels, words, options and screens in the audience insights tool and in the ad manager.

So let’s clear some of that confusion with this post.

An audience is the entire crowd of people you are targeting. For example, if you’re targeting men between the ages of 25-35 who like a boxing page, that is your audience. Or if you upload a list of customers to Facebook for re-targeting, that’s your audience.

Think of an audience as a container filled with people who meet certain criteria and have specific attributes that you choose.

An interest on the other hand is just one attribute of an audience.

If you will, an interest is a targeting sub-category or simply a criteria of an audience. But there’s also other aspects you can define of your audience such as behaviors, employees, age, gender and more.

Here’s some criteria you can select for an audience:

– Age
– Gender
– Country
– Interests
– Behaviours
– Employees
Lookalike Audiences
– Custom Audiences

You can also think of an audience as a bowl of salad.

The different targeting sub-categories and factors are the ingredients of the salad. So you can create a custom salad by mixing all the ingredients however you want until you have the perfect salad.

Got it?

A common misconception is that audiences equal interests.

Well, now you know that’s not the case since an interest is just one criteria of an audience. But every audience also consists of at least country, age and gender factors. The only time where an audience equals an interest is when you target men and women of all ages in a country where 100% of the likes come from that exact country.

That’s rarely the case by the way 🙂

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