Whenever I run Facebook ads I choose “Feeds” as the placement. In the past you could choose between desktop and mobile newsfeed, but in a recent update Facebook combined those into “Feeds”. However, you can still only select desktop or mobile by selecting “Mobile Only” or “Desktop Only” from the “Device Types” menu.

I always disable the audience network, right side column and Instagram, since most of my results always come from the Feeds.

Right side column is cheap, but conversions kind of suck.

And since I’ve not spent enough time mastering Instagram ads, I also get rid of that in the placement. Native Facebook ads and native Instagram ads are something completely different, so it always seemed ineffective to automatically convert ads to Instagram.

If I’d set up Instagram ads, I’d get rid of the “Feeds” and any placement on Facebook and just place the ad on Instagram. Then I would create a native ad specifically optimized for Instragram.

However, as I said these are still unknown waters for me so it makes more sense to go with what’s proven and what I already know works.

The Instagram ad platform is still pretty young and experimental.

By the way, when I look at my stats, this is what I find:

99% of my traffic and sales come from the mobile newsfeed and not from the desktop newsfeed. That clearly indicates how important mobile has become. People’s attention is on their phones, and they use it to buy a ton of stuff without ever being on a computer.

People literally just tap on the ad, look at your mobile product page, add the item to the cart and then enter their payment information. And it all happens right there on their mobile device without any friction.

So make sure you optimize your product page for mobile.

Always look at your product page on your mobile phone and make sure all the elements are well organized. Make sure things aren’t too bulky. Make sure any countdown timers, logos and images look good. And check that the add to cart button isn’t too low below the fold.

Anyway – The good news is that you don’t have to overcomplicated the Facebook advertising process. Stick to mobile and desktop newsfeed and ignore all other available placements for now.

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