It always blows my mind to see how many people start advertising on Facebook without ever reading Facebook’s ad policy.

That’s a sure-fire way to get your account disabled.

I re-read Facebook’s ad policy at least a couple times every year to make sure I’m compliant with everything. And unlike other ad platforms, Facebook’s ad policy is very user friendly.

So let’s start by linking Facebook’s ad policy:

If you’ve never read Facebook’s ad policy before, then I recommend you do that right now. You might actually be infringing on some things without even knowing it. I see a ton of people unknowingly breaching Facebook’s ad policy without even knowing it.

Here are some things that aren’t allowed:

– Exit-popups or overlays that open when a user exits or immediately upon entry (A lot of Shopify plugins do this, but when running Facebook ads you have to disable these plugins)

– Absence of a privacy policy (You need a privacy policy on your website before you run ads to comply with Facebook’s policy)

– Promoting free trials without mentioning that a subscription is required in the text of the ad is against Facebook’s policy

– Making statements about the identity of a person (i.e. “Are you a black male?” or “Are you overweight?” is not allowed)

– Self-playing audio or video on a landing page

These are some things that aren’t allowed based on Facebook’s ad policy, yet a lot of people are doing it without even knowing it’s an infringement. Sooner or later, Facebook will find out and disable your account. So in my opinion it’s better to be safe than sorry.

You can avoid having your ad account disabled by reading Facebook’s ad policy and making sure you comply with it.

Recently someone asked me if Facebook’s will be prudent about promoting a sex toy e-commerce store. A quick look at their ad policy would have been enough to realise that they aren’t just prudent, they don’t allow any form of mature or sexual content. Advertising a sex toy store on Facebook is absolutely impossible.

Find out what type of products you are allowed to advertise using Facebook, and which product categories are not allowed before you even select your niche. Because if you pick the “perfect niche” and find out you can’t run ads, it’ll be hard to build a business.

I once had a client who sold sexual performance supplements.
Can you imagine how difficult it was to run Facebook ads?

These are all important things to keep in mind.

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