I recently got a question from one of my subscribers who was asking if the UK market is a good market to start a drop shipping business.

Personally, I’ve never drop shipped to the UK.

However, I have a couple of students who are targeting the UK and are getting great results. Also many of my students have tested the same products and stores targeting the United States and have found that it’s harder to sell in the USA and easier to get results in the UK.

That’s pretty easy to explain 🙂

The USA has been hammered by marketers and advertisers for years. People have seen the same products, offers, claims and promises so many times that they become numb to them.

Simply put, the US market is just more saturated than others.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have killer success in the US. I have plenty of friends and know plenty of people with crazy successful drop shipping and regular e-commerce stores in the United States. However, I believe the UK and places in Europe are easier.

In general, the ad costs in the United States are pretty high because of the competitiveness and saturation. It’s not uncommon to pay $0.30-$1 per click. In some places in Europe I pay $0.03 per click.

So in Europe ad costs are about X10 lower than in the USA.

Can you see how that makes it easier to start?

It leaves you with more room to make mistakes. You don’t have to do things perfectly and you can still get sales and make enough profit.

However, in Europe it’s harder to scale up cause markets are smaller.

So there’s benefits and downsides to targeting the USA and the UK and ultimately it’s your decision. I know plenty of successful people in both markets and I’d say it’s probably best to pick one and then you can always adjust your store and target other places later on.

One other good thing about the UK is that you can find ePacket for quite a few products, unlike in Spain, Germany and other places.

So overall I think the United Kingdom is a great market.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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