Let’s say you’ve done your homework and research different drop shipping niches. You’ve found a niche that is proven and there’s competitors making consistent sales in the same niche.

However, for some reason you can’t make it work.

No matter what you do, and although you believe you’ve picked a profitable niche, you haven’t been able to make that first sale yet.

If that’s the case, don’t give up the niche. After all, if there’s others in the same niche that are making consistent sales and running profitable drop shipping businesses, then it means it is possible. The niche itself is not the issue and there must an other problem.

When you can’t make sales in a proven niche, it means you’re doing something wrong. And it is usually caused by three crucial mistakes.

Here they are:

1) You’re targeting the wrong people

If your competitors are making sales and you’re both selling the same item, it means the item is proven. However, maybe other people are targeting different people and thus making sales.

Try either changing the country you’re targeting or change the “Detailed Interest” targeting of your Facebook ads.

2) You’re running Facebook ads the wrong way

Running Facebook ads requires a bit of skill. It’s not rocket science but you should know what you’re doing, what copy to use, what objective to select and how to set up your ads the right way.

Deepen your knowledge of Facebook ads and keep educating yourself and testing your way forward until you get good at it.

3) Something is wrong on your landing page

The third reason is that something is wrong on your landing page. Maybe you aren’t presenting the offer the right way, maybe the copy on your product page is not good enough or maybe there’s some other problem on your product page that kills your conversions.

Pay attention to your product page and optimize it for conversions. All these three areas can result in you not making any sales.

Don’t give up a proven niche too early 🙂

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Posted by Till Boadella

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