One of the main things holding people back when starting a drop shipping business is the long shipping times from China.

People make all sorts of assumptions about it.

Here’s the main ones:

1) Long shipping times suppress conversions and sales

I’ve split tested 5-12 and 14-29 days shipping on the same store since I had to change suppliers. I was running the same ads for the same product on the same store to the same audience.

The only thing I changed was the shipping time.

(Hence I’m calling this a split-test…)

I didn’t experience any decrease in sales or conversions because of this. Which makes me believe people don’t care about the shipping time. If people want the item bad enough, they will get it. I’ve just ordered the DJi Mavic drone one month ago, it hasn’t even shipped yet, but I’m putting up with it because I want the drone so bad.

As long as you’re transparent about the shipping times, and you don’t try to hide the fact that shipping takes a while, you’ll be fine.

2) Long shipping times will make my store fail

I’ve had shipping times of up to 55 days in the Spanish market and it didn’t suppress conversions. Yes, I did get quite a few customer support emails and refund requests after a few weeks, but I could easily bounce back from that with good customer support.

If I can pull off a store with 55 days delivery time, then there’s no reason why you can’t. Stop making assumptions about what will make your store fail and what won’t. Just go ahead and pull it off.

Of course, shorter shipping times are better since it will reduce the customer support in the backend of your store. But if you have no other option, why let the long shipping times hold you back? Why not just go ahead and see what you can pull off? Just go for it and stop over-analysis every step. Take action and adjust after the fact.

About 30% of all drop shipping questions I get are about the long shipping times or the fact that people can see the item comes from China. None of those issues are an “actual” problem in real-life.

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