When starting your own drop shipping business, I recommend setting up a local store first and then scaling up internationally.

For example:

Start a store in the United Kingdom or in the United States.

And once that first store is a success and you’re making consistent sales and profit, duplicate the same store in a different country. You now know that your niche and your item are proven winners.

So instead of scaling up by increasing the revenue of one store, you can duplicate your store several times over in other countries.

Every time you do this, you potentially double your revenue.

There’s countless untapped markets in Europe that you can target with your stores. And if you don’t speak the local language, team up with a friend or find a virtual assistant that speaks the language.

For example:

I started my first store in Germany.

Once I made around $3,000 gross sales and $1,000 profit a month, I decided to duplicate the same store in Spain. That store grew even more successful than the first one. If I had the time and focus I would continue duplicating the same store in other countries.

It’s a simple strategy to grow your revenue fast without having to re-invent the wheel or having to find new niches or products to sell.

I call this strategy “drop ship franchising”.

It’s not a real “franchise”, but it follows a similar principle.

You take something that already works, you sistematize it and then launch it in many different places to increase your overall revenue.

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