For most people I recommend starting with a general drop shipping store rather than a niche store. Now that doesn’t mean you should be selling general items, but have multiple niches on one store.

When you start out, pick a general name for your store.

For example: or something along those lines.

And then research a ton of niches and items, look at the order quantity, look at competitors, do your homework and set up a hand full of niches and items on your general store to start with.

You can have different categories of products, and each category can be a different niche. That way it’s quite easy to keep things tidy.

Then start running Facebook ads for one of the products.

If you start making consistent sales, that’s awesome and you should keep selling that item. You might even want to create a separate new store for that niche, as you’ve got proof that it’s going to work now.

And if your first item and niche don’t work out, you can now simply switch to the second item or niche without setting up a new store.

It reduces the friction and allows you to stay flexible 🙂

That’s my advice for all you beginners out there.

However, there’s some exceptions where you can start with a niche store right away. If you already know exactly that your niche is going to be profitable (maybe you know someone selling the same item, or you have some other form of valid proof), then start with the niche.

I personally started with a niche store right away. However, I might start a new general store sometime in the future to test new niches.

It all depends on how much you know and how skilled you are.

Anyway – Stop procrastinating and start your store now. Remember, you can always change the item or niche later on down the road. The most important thing is that you focus and take massive action.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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