One of my subscribers recently reached out to me and said he was running Facebook ads with the words “Christmas Sale” in the copy. And he now wants to transform it into an evergreen advertisement.

However, here’s the problem:

Whenever you edit your ads, Facebook will pause the ad and then approve it again. You can’t edit a live running Facebook ad.

This can kill the momentum of your Facebook campaign and mess with your results. Pausing and restarting an ad campaign or changing the daily budget can mess with your results.

I’ve seen insanely profitable Facebook ads build crazy momentum, and then the slightest daily budget change and also things like pausing and restarting the ad completely killed the results. That being said, once your ad is profitable, don’t ever tough it again.

As they say in marketing, never mess with something that works.

That being said, if you have created a seasonal Facebook promotion then you have no other option than pausing and editing your ads.

It makes no sense to run “Christmas Sale” ads in January.

So always keep these two types of campaigns in mind:

1) Seasonal and Specific Promotions

These are special ad campaigns that you build during the holiday season, Black Friday, New Year’s Eve and other sales events. Usually you would only run these ads for 4-60 days maximum.

Also, you have to understand that you’ll need to turn off these ads once the sales event is over or pause them and turn them into evergreen campaigns. You can easily do that by getting rid of any specific references like “Christmas”, “Black Friday” and so forth.

2) Evergreen Campaigns

An evergreen Facebook campaign is an ad campaign that you can run every day of the year, without having to change anything. These ads use general words and don’t reference any season or date.

Evergreen ads are powerful because they can run for a long period of time and build a whole lot of momentum. Once you have a winning evergreen campaign, don’t ever tough it again as long as it’s profitable. You can try scaling up the daily budget in small increments of $5 until you reach the drop off point, but be aware that every budget change can and will impact your ad performance.

Use a mix of seasonal promotions and evergreen campaigns throughout the year to get the most bang for your advertising buck.

You should do both types of promotions for your store.

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