A lot of people seem concerned about the fact that their customers can see that the item comes from China and is drop shipped.

However, in my experience this isn’t a “real” problem.

After processing more than 1,000 orders I had around 5 complaints from customers, or people commenting under my Facebook ad and saying the item is shitty and comes from China.

The vast majority of people simply don’t care where the item comes from. As long as you don’t say on your store that the item is produced and shipped from the US. That would obviously be lying and kill the goodwill. Anyway – Most customers just want to receive the item.

They aren’t buying the delivery company or the origin country. As long as they receive their item in the mail within a relatively reasonable time, and the item is as advertised, 99% of people are happy.

Yes, you’ll get a hand-full of people complaining or hating. But honestly, you’ll get that with any kind of e-commerce business.

Remember why people purchased from you.

It’s because they desire the item that you advertised. And as long as they get the item they wanted in the first place, most consumers desire will be stilled and they care less than you where it comes from.

Essentially, this “problem” isn’t a real problem that exists in the consumers mind. It’s a problem that newbie drop shippers have manufactured themselves because they are overthinking the whole process and making assumptions rather than relying on data.

The data clearly states that drop shipping from China isn’t an issue for most customers. 99% of people simply don’t give a damn about it.

So stop making assumptions and let the data speak for itself.

There’s no room for assumptions in business 🙂

No go out there and build your drop shipping store and stop overthinking and over analyzing every step along the way.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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  1. how to fix this problem if buyer chargebacks from our paypal after item ship to buyer?


    1. In that case you can’t rally do anything. You can try and get a refund from AliExpress, but probably you just lost the money from that order. It’s normal to have losses in business every once in a while.


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