A lot of people try to run Facebook ads for multiple products at the same time. The problem with this strategy is that you easily lose track and divert your attention to the point where you simply give up.

It’s much better to select one product and then run Facebook ads just for that product and give it 100% of your attention and focus.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Do your research and find some proven niches and products. And then pick the product that you think will do best. Just look at the data you have about the product and also listen to your gut feeling.

Then set up the product on your store and start running ads.

For the next week, keep track of important metrics such as the CPC, add to carts, purchases, cost per purchase and monitor them closely.

(If you promote 5 products at the same time you’ll get lost…)

If you start making sales, then keep promoting that one item using Facebook ads and optimize it. Target a few additional interests, and test some alternative ad objectives and see how things go.

Your main goal at this point should be to lower your cost per sale.

If you can’t make your first sale with this product, then kill your Facebook ads for that product. And launch a new product.

The key here is to not run them at the same time.

Before you launch a new product, kill the ads for the other product so you won’t get disorganized or lose focus in the ads manager. Keep following this strategy until you find a product that is profitable.

Only start promoting multiple products at the same time if you are very advanced at running Facebook ads or if you already have a profitable product that’s been running for a long time. But remember, the easier and less overwhelming you make this, the better.

The best part is that most successful drop shippers that I know (including myself) make 99% of their revenue from just one item.

So once you’ve found that winning item, you can build an entire store based on just that item. There’s no need for additional items because just one item can be profitable enough to make six or seven figures.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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