In 2014 and 2015 I traveled most of the time and lived a digital nomad lifestyle. I traveled through Eastern Europe, lived for a month on the Greek Islands, lived for a month in Portugal, traveled to Spain, lived on a Brazilian paradise island and read tripped the United States.

It’s the dream of many people to be able to travel the world while running a business from a laptop. However, although it’s amazing to taste this freedom, there’s also some downsides to this lifestyle.

I think if it’s your dream to travel the world, you should definitively go ahead and build a business with that motivation and drive.

Go ahead and travel for as long as you want 🙂

It’s a great way to discover yourself, gain some perspective, get outside your comfort zone and experience awesome adventures.

But in the long run it’ll make your life and business vulnerable.

When you don’t have a permanent home, it’s very hard to cultivate and maintain important habits and routines in your business. It’s hard to stay focused and work at a high performance in the long run.

When you travel, there’s so many distractions. First of all, you want to experience the new place and see everything. You meet a ton of people that invite you to go out and do stuff together. And for every new place, you have to figure out super markets, gyms etc.

After tasting both lifestyles, I believe having a permanent home is a lot better to build a real business. You’ll just be so much more productive and focused and it really makes all the difference.

You can develop rock-solid routines and have structured day.

None of that is really possible when you’re on the road.

That being said, I think everyone should experience being a digital nomad for a while. It gives you so much and it’s amazing 🙂

But then you should also be realistic about your business and life. If you have a greater vision in your life and want to elevate your business to the next level, traveling is just a vulnerability.

What I do now is this:

I have a “home base” where I can work and focus and then I go on epic travel adventures every once in a while for recovery and fun.

Giving up travel is obviously not an option.

But having this type of balance and being able to focus on my business in a serious way without all the distractions really helps.

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Posted by Till Boadella

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