The Till Boadella Show is a Q&A series about business, marketing and entrepreneurship with a new episode every day. You can ask questions and I answer them in a practical, relatable and motivational format. With over seven years of “elbows in the mud” business experience and from working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners all across the globe through my marketing agency Nexilitas™, I can answer almost any questions you have.

I’ve helped bootstrap startups from zero to six figures a year, doubled, tripled and even quadrupled the revenue of established businesses and broke two industry records with product launches. I have a track record of successful marketing campaigns for clients in the fitness industry, health industry, motorsport industry, permaculture industry, music industry and many other retail branches. I’ve built campaigns for celebrities, large corporations and many experts and “gurus”. Think of me as the mastermind pulling the strings behind the scenes. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work in marketing and business. And now I’m drawing the curtains and revealing everything I learned, without sugar-coating or hiding the truth.

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  1. Do you guys have a kindle edition of your book?

    I live in South Korea and amazon doesn’t have a site there… but I can use my UK account to buy kindle


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